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Employer Retirement Plans

Maximize Your Business

As a 401(k) advisor, we specialize in providing services, while keeping corporate costs low. Custom tailored plans can be built to allow for deductible, Roth, and after-tax contributions. Investment options are available to fit your needs. We help design, implement, and manage the most simple or complicated plan designs.

On your own? Perhaps a solo 401(k) is the right option. Flexibility, control, and the ability to make contributions regardless of income level, make this a powerful tool for established and high income professionals.

Our coordinators handle everything from asking the right questions, to plan design assistance, and enrollment meetings for groups and individual employees. Templar Financial representatives are available online and on the phone to assist your company when employees have questions. We take the pressure off of your HR department!

Whether your needs include employee retention, tax advantaged investing, or help with required annual plan review and updating, Templar Financial has the resources and experience to provide a strategy that makes sense.